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Managing Your Fitness Goals


Managing Your Fitness Goals

managing-your-fitness-goalsIf you’re like me, the initial excitement of the New Year is already starting to wear off. To help us all stay on track, I thought it might be time to check in on those 2016 resolutions. It can be easy to let go of your goals once you’re back in the swing of things and “real life” gets in the way. Instead of throwing in the towel, I think you should rethink your plan of attack.


Below are five tips to keep in mind this year as you work towards your fitness goals.


  1. Revisit Your Resolutions. Are they realistic? It can be easy to spread yourself too thin when it comes to yearly resolutions. Don’t set yourself up for failure! Choose one or two goals you’d like to accomplish this year and put the rest on the backburner. Often times, you’ll see that by achieving one goal, other aspects of your life seem to fall into place anyway.


  1. Divide and Conquer. You know what you want to achieve. The next step is to set mini-goals that will get you there. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? As with anything else, you need to take it step-by-step and day-by-day. A simple way to do this is to take a year-end goal and divide it into monthly sub-goals.


  1. Make an Announcement. So you’ve set your goals. Now what? Shout them to the world! It’s much more likely that you’ll stick if out if you have people cheering you on. Building a support system in advance is a sure-fire way to keep you in it for the long haul. And, as a bonus, you may inspire someone else in the process.


  1. Expect Delays. The most important thing to remember is that life happens. There will be setbacks from time to time, but you’ll be fine as long as you keep your end-goal in mind. One bad day, week, or month is not the end of the world. Just get up, brush yourself off, and move on.


  1. Celebrate Small Wins. Don’t be afraid to get excited over the small stuff. That is how you keep your momentum going. Lose a pound? Shave a few seconds off of your 5k best? Baby steps are still steps. Celebrate them! A fun way to do this is to create a “brag book”. Write down every positive moment, because those are what get you through the tough ones.


Now, about that whole announcement thing– why not use us as your sounding board? Comment with your 2016 goals – we’re all ears!

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4 Comments on “Managing Your Fitness Goals”

  1. Linda Hale

    One of my goals is to run farther than a 4k, faster than 4.5 mph,uphill. How to manage dehydration is a problem. When’s the optimum time or distance to take a sip of water?
    What to eat the night before and when to stop eating and drinking would also help. Is there a book?

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